Anton van Velden

Anton van Velden

Anton joined the erstwhile partnership of Van Zyl Le Roux and Hurter in 1977 as a candidate attorney, was admitted as an attorney and appointed as a professional assistant in 1979 and became a partner in 1980.

Upon the incorporation of the partnership into a professional company in 1989, Anton became a director of VZLR.

Anton heads VZLR’s Corporate and Commercial department and holds a Certificate in Mergers and Acquisitions. During his final year at the University of Pretoria, Anton was a junior lecturer in the Department of Commercial Law. He also lectured for candidate attorneys on behalf of the Association of Law Societies.

Anton was involved in a number of prominent cases in the Supreme Court of Appeal, including matters relating to the review of an Arbitrator’s Award, Court Orders in respect of “pension interest” in matrimonial matters, the ownership of immovable property of a church vis-à-vis the congregation, as well as the request for information in terms of Section 50 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act.

Anton retired as a director of VZLR at the end of February 2019, after having been with the firm for 42 years. He currently practices as a consultant at the firm attending to Corporate and Commercial matters.

Other Information

  • BA. LLB (UP)
  • Chairman
  • Admitted Attorney
  • Admitted Conveyancer
  • Admitted Notary
  • Right of Appearance in the High Court


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