Our service offering does not stop there, our firm can also attend to the following:

Administrative Law

Should you ever feel dissatisfied with any government action or decision, our team of Administrative Law specialists will provide you with sound advice and guidance. With a dynamic and fast growing team of lawyers, we have the experience and capacity to represent clients seeking to challenge government action or inaction. In addition to representing clients in judicial review proceedings, we attend to a variety of administrative applications daily. We believe in getting results fast and providing high-quality, low-cost services. The services offered by this department include:

  • Appearances before Administrative Tribunals
  • Applications to compel State Organs to discharge their duties
  • Applications under the Promotion of Access to Information Act to gain access to documents held by the State and individuals
  • Applications under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act to review and set aside decisions taken by State Organs
  • Constitutional Law matters
  • Municipal Law matters, including disputes in respect of services
  • Review applications in general and applications to set aside decisions by State Organs

Not only do we keep our clients informed about the progress of the case, we also educate them about the processes as we go along. We don’t just represent clients in appeals and applications to the Constitutional Court, we also advise clients on constitutional issues which arise in the course of litigation.


In an ideal world all debtors would meet their obligations on time. In reality, creditors often require legal assistance to have their debts collected. With the help of our specialised debt collection technology we can trace debtors and have your debt collected in the quickest and most cost effective manner. In a nutshell, the undefended debt collection process involves the following processes:

  • Letter of demand
  • Summons
  • Application for default judgment (where applicable)
  • Warrant of execution
  • Section 65 procedures

Insolvency Law

With a wealth of experience this dynamic team focuses solely on Insolvency Law. The services offered by the department include:

  • Applications to wind up companies and close corporations
  • Applications for the sequestration of estates and partnerships
  • Voluntary surrender of estates
  • Business rescue proceedings
  • Rearrangements and restructuring

Tax Law

As a service provider to the South African Revenue Service (SARS), VZLR acts on behalf of SARS in various matters. Our main focus however lies from the Tax Administration Act.


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